UK Environmental Policy





Launched in September 2015 by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals address the global challenges we face, including those related to climate change and environmental degradation. As a major international company and financial services group we have the human, technological and financial resources to push boundaries, to be part of the solution and to take a leading role. This policy provides a framework for understanding and managing our environmental impacts and commitments and covers all Commercial Finance operations in the UK. Being the bank for a changing world means being a bank that is committed to changing the world for a better future.

We are committed to a process of continual improvement of environmental performance.

Our key objectives are to:

 Support the BNP Paribas Group in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 25% per full time equivalent and paper consumption by 43% per full time equivalent by 2020 compared with a 2012 baseline
 Reduce absolute greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1 & 2) across our UK operations by 60% by 2030 compared with a 2018 baseline
 Continue to procure 100% renewable electricity across our UK operations
 Phase out the use of single-use plastics across our UK operations by 2020
 Retain our carbon neutral status in terms of greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations1
 Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental legislation and applicable requirements relevant to our stakeholders
 Protect the environment through the management of our business operations to prevent pollution
 Communicate this policy to external and internal stakeholders

 Encourage, guide and support employees, contractors and suppliers to act in accordance with this policy

In order to achieve these objectives, CIB will take the following practical measures:

 Continue to improve the performance of our buildings through the installation and optimal use of energy efficient technologies, to purchase renewable energy where possible, and to minimise water consumption
 Promote agile and digital working solutions to drive reductions in business travel and paper consumption
 Reduce the impact of our waste through increased recycling and the more efficient use of resources
 Use sustainable procurement to drive improved environmental performance within our supply chain
 Monitor environmental performance and activities on an ongoing basis and use this information to regularly review and update our policy, strategy and the allocation of resources
 Actively engage with employees, clients and other key stakeholders on building a sustainable future and supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


1We offset our GHG emissions based on the market based calculation in our Group CSR report

To reinforce the commitments and objectives stated in this policy, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance has implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to ISO 14001:2015. Our Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing adherence to this policy and its integration into business management processes. The policy is reviewed and updated on an annual basis and communicated to both internal and external stakeholders.

David Morris
UK Managing Director

June 2020