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Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending takes the concept of invoice finance and expands it into other assets on the balance sheet. Advancing a proportion of the tangible assets on the balance sheet is a powerful way to unlock the value hidden in your company and use it to further your goals. We can help with that.

Whilst our solutions remain receivables led, our ABL product allows us to increase working capital funding by lending against the value of your inventory. Further, we can put in place funding against your property and your plant and machinery. 

Reflecting the invoice finance practice of funding a proportion of the value of your receivables, we will also seek an assessment of the value of the other assets and lend a proportion of those values.

The receivables and inventory lines are fully revolving whilst the fixed asset lines are structured as amortising term loans. 

Secured on industry standard documentation, all funding is cross-collateralised allowing a degree of flexibility in the structuring, management and use of the facilities. We see ABL in the UK used to reduce borrowing costs, fund growth, or to make acquisitions.

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will work with you through implementation and beyond to help you maximise the potential of the assets on your balance sheet

"Our ABL product allows you to widen your funding options by lending against the value of your receivables, inventory, property, plant and machinery."

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Asset Based Lending

Our ABL solution puts in place funding against the value of your receivables, inventory, plant and machinery.

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