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Solutions Overview

Solutions Overview

Whether you require an asset based finance solution in just the UK, a coordinated invoice finance solution in a number of countries or you are involved in international trade as an exporter and/or importer, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance has the flexible, reliable financing solution you are looking for.

But finance is not just access to credit. It is also about flexibility, speed of delivery and willingness to go the extra mile. We provide all that.


As part of our UK ABL offering, we can provide funding against simply receivables or a wider asset base including inventory, property and plant & machinery. Supported by staff with wide experience of implementing ABL facilities in the UK market, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance provides bespoke solutions to meet the requirements of even the most demanding of clients.


Our Cross-border solutions have been designed for international companies. We offer two types of Cross-border factoring solutions: Multi-Local and Pan European. At BNP Paribas, we take pride in our capacity to support companies and their subsidiaries in their efforts to develop their business in Europe and beyond.


Our international network and our partnership with FCI allow us to offer first-rate services to exporters and importers. They enable you to increase your sales in foreign markets, offer competitive sales terms, reduce payment collection time and protect you against debtor losses on your foreign customers.


As part of the debtor funding product suite, we can also provide solutions where the Commercial Finance, supported by a suitable credit protection policy, purchases invoices without recourse to the client. 

Invoice Finance

For more than a quarter of a century, BNP Paribas Commercial Finance has been offering flexible cash flow solutions by funding against your debtor ledger, with speed of delivery and willingness to go the extra mile.

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Asset Based Lending

Our ABL solution puts in place funding against the value of your receivables, inventory, plant and machinery.

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Cross Border

Thanks to BNP Paribas Commercial Finance’s extensive network, you can manage solutions for your multi-national company centrally.

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