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Our Pan-European invoice Finance and Factoring solutions are designed for companies with a centralized receivables-management organization looking for a uniform invoice finance approach across all countries involved

  • Contractual framework with a unique service provider.
  • Centralized service and communication by a dedicated client relationship manager.
  • Centralized financing structure and standardized receivables management.
  • Uniformity of reports thanks to one single IT system.


For international companies with a solid financial structure and a centralized set-up we can propose a Pan-European Invoice Discounting or Factoring solution. Within this concept you benefit from the relationship with one single contract covering the factoring service for all the countries involved. We can be of service to you even in the countries where we are not present.

A company with international operations can call on our Pan-European invoice Discounting or Factoring solution if they want to:

  • maximize working capital for the entire group;
  • keep international trade risks to a minimum;
  • minimize the effects of different payment terms in international sales;
  • outsource the international credit management process.

The major advantage of this programme is that you will have one single point of contact who will coordinate the service in all the countries involved. Eventually one single contract will be signed with the headquarters covering all the countries. Even though the contract is signed centrally, we will establish regular relationships with local subsidiaries to accompany them with the contract implementation.

We consider the entire group to be our client and not only the headquarters.